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FOR THE MOMENT, this site contains a complete up-to-date catalogue, with descriptions and prices, of all our available rare, out of print and other books, including our publications: a total of approximately 2,000 titles, which are updated and added to regularly, approximately every two weeks.

ALTHOUGH we do not have the modern internet "shopping" conveniences such as "secure checkouts", "shopping carts", "wish lists", "help" buttons, etc., note that we are very quick to reply to emails.  If you wish to purchase something, we will immediately send you a proforma invoice with the total amount (including real postage) for your prepayment, which can be made in many different forms, including by credit card via PayPal. To add to your exciting "shopping experience" note that you will be in touch with a real human being, not an automatic machine.

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For all prepaid orders totalling a minimum of EUR 750,00 or US$ 1,150.00 or GBP Sterling 675.00 will receive a free complimentary copy of the

- Bibliographica Textilia Historiae, the first and only annotated general bibliography, with over 5,000 entries documenting all facets of the world history of textiles and its study,or

- a complete reprint of FRANCISQUE-MICHEL's Recherches sur le Commerce, la Fabrication et l'Usage des Étoffes des Soies, d'Or et d'Argent et Autres Tissus Précieux en Occident Principalement en France Pendant le Moyen Age [Paris 1852-1854].

TO SIMPLIFY ACCESS TO ALL THESE TITLES, they have been organized into the 7 sections listed below (which, once opened, have further sub-divisions, and can be also be further searched by author, title or word using your usual search function "Ctrl + F"):


A. Rare Books On The History of Textiles


B. Rare Books On The Islamic Arts & Architecture


C. Early Rare Books On All Subjects Published Before 1875 (Including Some Reprints)


D. Rare Books On The General History Of Crafts & Decorative Art; & The Other Decorative Arts


E. Rare Books on Contemporary Art


F. Books on Communication & Culture


G. International General Publications


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The History of Textiles - The Islamic Arts & Architecture - The Decorative Arts
Communication, Culture, Ideology - Theory of Time - Contemporary Art