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D. Rare Books On The General History Of Crafts & Decorative Art; & The Other Decorative Arts


D1. Rare Books On The General History Of Crafts & Decorative Art (Including Ornament, Guilds, Early Science)

D2. Rare Books on Other Decorative Arts (Including Ancient, Christian-Byzantine, Asian, The Americas, Spain, Furniture, Ceramics, Ivory, Libraries, Lady Montagu, Etc.)

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D1. Rare Books On The General History Of Crafts & Decorative Art (Including Ornament, Guilds, Early Science)


ALUNNO, Francesco. LA FABRICA DEL MONDO DI M. FRANCESCO ALVNNO DA FERRARA. NELLA QVALE SI CONTENGONO TVTTE LE VOCI DI DANTE, DEL PETRARCA, del Boccaccio, & altri buoni autori, con la dichiaratione di quelle, & con le sue interpretationi Latine, con le queli si ponno scriuenndo isprimere tutti i concetti dell'huomo di qualunque cosa creata. Con priuilegio del Sommo Pontefice Paolo III. Della Sereniß. Signoria di Vinegia, & dello Illustriß. Duca di Ferrara. IN VINEGIA MDXLVIII [1546?-1548]. [5] 259 [49] Leaves. 21 x 30.5. Original vellum (worn). (IG2248) € 750,00 / $ 1,125.00
This appears to be the first edition of 1546 as stated on leaf 259v, although the preliminary matter is dated "Gennaio. MDLVIII" (1548). It is likely that the main body of the work, leaves 1-259 & the 2 tables, were printed in 1546, & perhaps 1547, with the unpaginated preliminary matter added later in early January 1548. - DESCRIPTION: A dictionary-thesaurus, one of the very first of its kind, based on the use of words by classical Greek, Roman & medieval Italian authors, especially Petrarca, Dante, Boccaccio, Ariosto, Sannazaro & Vergil, organized into 10 sections reflecting the Italian renaissance view of the world: Dio (god), Cielo (the heavens), Monde (the earth), Elementi (the elements), Anima (spiritual life), Corpo (the body), Huomo (human beings), Qualità (qualities), Quantità (quantities), & Inferno (hell). The chapter "Habito", in the section "Huomo", including a description of 135 clothing & textile words, leaves 207v-210v (paragraphs 1535-1555); the chapter "Colori" in the section "Cielo - Mercurio" including a description of ca 60 colors (including "Ricamatore" (embroidery) & "Aragne" (lace)), leaves 109v-111r (paragraphs 812-823); & the chapter "Mercatantia" in the section "Cielo" includes 130 business & commercial words, leaves 102v-105v (paragraphs 755-779). - CONDITION: Wormholes in margins with some loss of type; some browning & humidity stains; missing blank endpaper; blank margins of the first few pages torn; title page right corner missing with part of portrait, privilege, place & date, & part of a poem on verso; missing last leaf of the Errata & of leaf 259 (these 3 leaves are supplied here in a high-quality recto/verso facsimile). There are duplicate leaves 229, 231, 231, 232, 232 & 234, all printed recto/verso & bound in. More information available on request. [CSROT 5300].

BLANC, Hippolyte. Les Corporations de Métiers. Leur Histoire, Leur Esprit, Leur Avenir. Paris [ca 1885?]. 356p. 12 x 18.5. Paper. (Spine worn). (IG004) € 60,00 / $ 90.00
A general history of craft guilds in Europe, mostly centered on the French guilds from the middle ages - 19th c. Includes extensive references throughout; bibl, p343-6. [CSROT 1887].

BOILEAU, Etienne; G.-B. DEPPING, ed. Réglemens sur les Arts et Métiers de Paris, Rédigés au XIIIe Siècle, et Connu sous le Nom du Livre des Métiers d'Etienne Boileau; Publies pour le Première Fois en Entier d'Après les Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque du Roi et des Archives du Royaume, Avec des Notes et une Introduction par G.-B. Depping. Paris: De l'Imprimerie de Crapelet, 1837. [4] lxxxvj [2] 474 [2]p. 22 x 29. Marbled boards; leather backed; top edge gilt; raised bands (Luxury binding signed by Gardien, 1869). (IG006) € 950,00 / $ 1,450.00
"Collection de Documents Inédits sur l'Histoire de France, publiés par Ordre du Roi et Par les Soins au Ministre de l'Instruction Publique. Première Serie. Histoire Politique". The first publication of the 1268 Boileau manuscript uniting for the first time the rules & regulations of the ca 120 Paris craft guilds, of which more than 30 concern the textile & related arts. With Depping's important introduction, notes & index. The most important single document on the medieval crafts. [CSROT 1642].

BORN, Wolfgang. Crafts and the Zodiac; an issue of: Ciba Review (Basel), 22, June 1939. Pp[765]-97. 16.5 x 24. Paper. 35 BW ill. (IG007) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
The influence of astrology on medieval European life & the crafts, with sections on the history of astrology, the yearly work calendar, & the craftsmen & the planets. Includes contemporary mss depicting this relationship. [CSROT 5702].

BOSSERT, Helmuth Theodor, ed. Geschichte der Kunstgewerbes aller Zeiten und Völker. 6 Vols. Berlin: Wasmuth, 1928-1935. Vol 1: xi [1] 394p + 28pl; v2: vii [1] 407 [1]p + 28pl; v3: viii 434p + 28pl; v4: viii 431 [1]p + 28pl; v5: viii 480p + 28pl; v6: viii 422p + 28pl. 19 x 27. Cloth; Leather Backed (Original). Each vol ca 750 BW ill; 18 BW & 10 Color pl. (IG1589) € 395,00 / $ 595.00
An encyclopedic survey covering all aspects & periods of the crafts & decorative arts worldwide from so-called "primitive" societies through 19th c Europe, with much material on woven textiles, embroideries, etc. throughout; several thousand works in all media described & shown. Each subject-region-period was written by a specialist, including H. UBBELOHDE DOERING, W.F. VOLBACH, H. KOHLHAUSSEN, with extensive bibliographies throughout. Includes a section by H. Glück & E. KÜHNEL on Islamic art, v4, p353-431, with 92 BW ill; 6 BW & 3 Color pl (CRESWELL 487; with contents). A standard work on subject. [CSROT 488 (with detailled description)].

BRAUDEL, Fernand. Capitalism and Material Life 1400 - 1800. Paper ed; 3rd ptg. Glascow 1974. xv [1] 462 [2]p. 13 x 20. Paper. 4 Maps; 7 Charts & Tables. (IG009) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
Translation; original French: Paris 1967; 1st English edition: 1973. A social-cultural history of the effects of the evolution of international trade, finance & industry on the daily life of the European peoples, late middle ages - 18th c, with sections on population, food, living conditions, technology, money & the town. Includes many scattered references to textiles throughout, especially in the chapter "Superfluity and sufficiency: houses, clothes and fashion", p192-243. Index, p447-62. [CSROT 4362].

CARUS-WILSON, Eleanora M., ed. Essays in Economic History. 3 Volumes. London 1962-1966. Volume 1: viii 438 [2]p; v2: viii 373 [3]p; v3: viii 393 [3]p. Paper (v1); cloth (v2 & v3). Numerous charts & tables throughout. (Last page in v3 creased). (IG010) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
1st edition, v1: 1954; the other 2v are 1st edition. On all title pages: "Reprints edited for The Economic History Society". Anthology; 62 texts covering all aspects of English economic life from the middle ages to 1850, almost all reprinted from the Economic History Review, including agriculture, prices, trade, shipping, monetary policy, industry, labor & social history, bankin , governmental policy, etc, with texts by CARUS-WILSON, M.M. POSTAN, F.J. FISHER, R.H. TAWNEY, R. PARES, N. RITCHIE, E. KERRIDGE, R. DAVIS, D.C. COLEMAN, G.D.H. COLE, T.S. ASHTON, among others.

CHAMBERLIN, Mary W., ed. Guide to Art Reference Books. Chicago 1959. xiv 418p. 16.5 x 24. Cloth. (IG011) € 65,00 / $ 95.00
A general bibliography on all aspects of fine & applied arts, & architecture, including serials, all given with brief annotations. Includes 2489 entries, organized by subject, period & region, with ca 100 textile titles. Only partly superceded by ARNTZEN & RAINWATER. [CSROT 3043].

COLE, Arthur Harrison. The American Wool Manufacture. 2 Volumes. Cambridge MA 1926. Volume 1: [2] xix [1] 392 [2]p + 14pl; v2: viii 328p + 7pl. 16 x 23.5. Cloth. v1: 11 Line ill & Graphs; 14 BW pl; v2: 17 Line ill & Graphs; 7 BW pl. (Ex-library, Harvard) (IG1921) € 175,00 / $ 250.00
A scholarly economic-industrial history of the development of the US wool industry from the colonial period, ca 1700 - early 20th c, with many detailled facts & figures: the colonial period (domestic production, wool supply, techniques, organization, trade); governmental policy; importations; small factory production from the late 18th c – 1830 (techniques of carding, spinning, weaving & finishing, expansion of domestic market, quality, capital, labor); the mature factory through 1870 (growth, market, diversity of production, broadcloth, worsteds, imports, labor condition, the Civil War); & industrial maturity from 1870 – 1920 (tariffs, imports, new techniques, labor conditions, specialization, large-scale operation & management). Contains an appendix with the Woolens Act of 1699; a list of factories 1800 – 1815, a description of the production process & bibl, v2, p277-314. Index, p317-28. The plates mostly show machinery & some portraits. Unique study. [CSROT 5788].

COLE, Arthur H.; G.B. WATTS. The Handicrafts of France as Recorded in the Descriptions des Arts et Métiers 1761 - 1788. Boston 1952. [4] 43 [1]p + 3pl. Paper. 19 x 27.5. 3 BW pl. (IG012) € 50,00 / $ 75.00
"The Kress Library of Business and Economics" 8. A detailed history & bibliographic description of this important series of publications describing the all known arts & crafts techniques in 18th c France, issued by the Académie Royale des Sciences in Paris. Includes a bibl list, with collations, of all the volumes & editions, many of which concern textiles & related crafts. Major documentation. [CSROT 2489].

COLEMAN, D.C. The Economy of England 1450 - 1750. London 1977. viii [4] 223 [1]p. 13.5 x 20.5. Cloth; dj. 7 Graphs; 21 Tables. (Ex-library; cover laminated) (IG013) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
A broad economic history of England, 15th - 18th c, especially in the context of its social & political life, with sections on population, prices, agriculture, commerce & industry, containing detailed facts & figures throughout, particularly on the woolen cloth trade during the period. Includes footnotes, p202-5; extensive bibl, p[206]-15, index, p[217]-23. [CSROT 3759].

COORNAERT, Emile. Les Corporations en France Avant 1789. 4th Edition [Printing?]. Paris 1941. 306p. 15 x 23. Paper. (Cover slightly worn). (IG014) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
A standard social-economic history of the French craft guilds from the middle ages through the revolution, with frequent references to the textile guilds throughout. Bibl, p[299]-304. [CSROT 530].

CREPIN, Henri. La Liberté de Travail dans l'Ancienne France. Vezelay 1937. 202 [2]p. 17 x 25. Paper. (IG015) € 60,00 / $ 90.00
A history of the French craft guilds through the 18th c, especially centered on work regulations, with much material on the textile & related craft guilds. Footnotes throughout. [CSROT 1301].

CUNNINGHAM, W. The Growth of English Industry and Commerce. 3 Vols (I. During the Early & Middle Ages; II. Modern Times. I. The Mercantile System; II. Modern Times. II. Laissez Faire). Cambridge 1925-1929. Vol 1: [2] xxvi 724p + 1pl + 1 Map; v2: [2] xxxviii 608p; v3: xii p609-1039. 14 x 23. Cloth (Decorated). 1 BW pl; 1 Map. (Like new). (IG016) € 150,00 / $ 225.00
1st edition: 1882. A detailed economic history of England, with exhaustive material on the medieval wool & 18th c cotton industries & trade throughout. Vol 1 & v3 contain an extensive compilation of reprinted documents, bibl & indexes, including for example, a medieval Italian document on the early wool trade, v1, p628-41, & a chronological list of economic texts published 1436 - 1840, v3, p968-98. Major work, still necessary. [CSROT 2040].

DITCHFIELD, P.H. The Story of the City Companies. London [ca 1920?]. 333 [1]p + 16pl. 14.5 x 22. Boards. 16 BW pl. (IG019) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
A general history of the principal English guilds in London, with much material on the textile guilds, including sections on the drapers, p99-109; merchant taylors, p157-80; haberdashers, p181-94; dyers; etc. [CSROT 931].

DE FRANCESCO, Grete. Guild Emblems and Their Significance; an issue of: Ciba Review (Basel), 13, Sept 1938. Pp[425]-64. 16.5 x 24. Paper. 90 BW ill. (IG021) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
An historical survey of the seals, coats of arms, coins, labels & trade cards used by the textile, clothing & other craft guilds in Europe, ca 14th - 18th c, especially the Venetian guilds & the English merchants; 90 emblems shown. [CSROT 5696].

DOUËT d'ARCQ, Louis, ed. Comptes de l'Hotel des Rois de France aux XIVe et XVe siècles. Paris: Chez Mme Ve Jules Renouard, 1865. [8]xlii [2] 437 [3]p. 16.5 x 24.5. Paper; Handmade paper. (Cover worn) (IG2164) € 150,00 / $ 225.00
A compilation of 5 royal French household expenses, plus 9 other shorter excerpts from the same period, including from Charles VI (1380), p1-127; La Reine Isabeau de Bavière (1401), p128-171; Jean, Duc du Berry (1397), p290-304; Charles VII (1450), p320-41; & Louix XI (1478-1481), p348-96. Concludes with a detailled index, p[399]-437. Important medieval documents on the daily life of the French royalty, with scattered references to fine textiles & clothing.

GARZONI, Thomas. Piazza Universale oder Allgemeiner Schauplatz Marckt und Zusammenkunsst aller Profesessionen, Künste, Geschafften, Händelen und Handwercken .... [Frankfurt am Main: Merians, 1659]. Facsimile Reprint Edition. Nuremberg: Pawlas, 1962. 292p. 18 x 23.5. Cloth Spring Binder; dj. 9 Line ill. (IG2118) € 90,00 / $ 135.00
Facsimile reprint; original 1659. A selection of 33 sections ("discourses"), on the intellectual & academic professions, including publishing, legal, alchemy, occult, etc., drawn from this ground-breaking Italian book (Florence, 1585) describing the work of all the known professions, trades & handicrafts. The 9 illustrations are by Jost Amman.

GIRAUD, Alexandre. Les Confrèries du Corps de Dieu et Monsieur Saint Jean-Baptiste Montluçonnaise du XVIe Siècle. Montluçon 1898. 48p. 17 x 25. Paper. (IG024) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
A study of this fraternal association in the French city of Montluçon, mostly concerning their statutes of 1543.

GLAMANN, Kristof. European Trade 1500 - 1750; chapter 6 of: The Fontana Economic History of Europe. Vol 2. London 1971. 104p. 13.5 x 21. Paper. 1 Map. (IG025) € 20,00 / $ 30.00
A general history of European commerce with many references to textiles, especially p77-87. Includes a bibl essay, p101-4. [CSROT 3631].

GRUNEISEN, Wladimir de, Baron. Bibliothèque d'Art et d'Archéologie. Paris 1930. xx 346 [2]p + 27pl. 16.5 x 25.5. Paper. 27 BW pl. (IG030) € 90,00 / $ 135.00
Auction catalogue; Hôtel Drouot, 15-24 Dec 1930. 2139 printed books on the decorative & fine arts & architecture; all briefly described. Also includes some medieval manuscripts, many described at length. Includes author index. [CSROT 620].

HERBERT, William. The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London; Principally Compiled from Their Grants and Records. 2 Volumes. Facsimile Reprint Edition. NY 1968. Vol 1: [6] xi [5] 498p; v2: [4] xi [3] 683 [7]p. 14 x 22. Cloth. 12 Line ill. (IG033) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
"Reprints of Economic Classics". Facsimile reprint; original: London 1833-1836 [CSROT 1769]. A scholarly history & documentation on the 12 major guilds in England, ca 12th - 18th c, based on archival records, with many documents cited, including a general history of the origins, organization & economic-social practices, & detailed histories of each guild, with sections on the mercers, drapers, merchant taylors, haberdashers & clothworkers. Includes extensive footnotes throughout; index, v2, p[665]-83. A reprint of the 1st full-scale guild history. [CSROT 1769].

JACQUES, Jean. Vie et Mort des Corporations. Grèves et Luttes Sociales sous l'Ancien Régime. Paris 1948. 143 [1]p. 14 x 19. Paper. (IG035) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
A social-political history of the French craft guilds, 14th - 18th c, especially their struggles for social justice, with a chapter on the Lyons silk workers, p109-38. Bibl, p[142]-3. [CSROT 1019].

JESSEN, Peter. Der Ornamentstich. Geschichte der Vorlagen des Kunsthandwerks seit dem Mittelalter. Berlin 1920. 384p. 16.5 x 24. Boards. 223 BW ill. (IG036) € 60,00 / $ 90.00
An authoritative historical survey of European ornamental design for the crafts, mostly for architecture, from Italy, Germany & France, with some works from the Netherlands & England, late 15th - 19th c; ca 225 designs shown. Includes an important section on 16th - 17th c lace & embroidery pattern books, p139-59, with 15 works shown. Includes bibliography, p371-77; index to authors & publishers, p378-83. GLAH P71 (with contents). CRESWELL 1301. [CSROT 3152].

JONG, Marijnke de; Irene de GROOT. Ornamentenprenten in het Rijksprentenkabinet I, 15de & 16de Eeuw. Amsterdam; The Hague 1988. 327 [1]p. 21 x 30. Paper. 749 Line ill. (IG037) € 60,00 / $ 90.00
Collection catalogue; several thousand ornamental designs & prints from the Netherlands, Germany & eastern Europe, France & Italy, 15th - 16th c; all briefly described, 749 shown, including some textile & costume related works (Sibmacher; du Bruyn). Includes artist index; bibl. Major documentation of major collection. [CSROT 4177].

KEULEMANS, Th. Het Gildewezen. Opkomst, Bloei en Verval. The Hague 1941. [2] 105 [1]p. 14.5 x 20.5. Paper. (IG038) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
"Bibliotheek voor Weten en Denken" 9. A general history of the rise and fall of the European craft guilds, middle ages - 19th c. Brief bibl, p103-4. [CSROT 2725].

KIMMEL, Lore. "La Piazza Universale di Tutte le Professioni del Mondo" (1585) von Thomaso Garzoni und die spanische Übersetzung und Umarbeitung in "Plaza Universal de Todas Ciencias y Artes" (1615) von Christóbal Suárez de Figueroa. Inaugural-Dissertation. Munich 1968. [4] x 281 [5]p. 15 x 21. Paper. (IG1671) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
Dissertation; Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Philosophischen Fakultät der Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität zu München. A detailled scholarly study of the contents of Garzoni's "La Piazza Universale" (Venice 1585) & its translation, adaptation & re-working in Spanish by Su&aac te;rez de Figueroa in the "La Plaza Universal" (Madrid 1615), with a comparative analysis of the textual differences between the 155 sections in the Garzoni & the 105 in the Spanish work. Includes an introduction on the history of both books, p1-13; bibliography, p viii-x. Unique work on the early history of the European crafts & trades. [CSROT 5577].

KRÜGER, Horst. Zur Geschichte der Manufakturen und der Manufakturarbeiter in Preussen. Die mittleren Provinzen in der zweiten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts. Berlin (DDR) 1958. 796p + 5pl. 18 x 25. Cloth; dj. 5 Tables (Foldout). (IG1810) € 110,00 / $ 165.00
"Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Allegemeine Geschichte an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin" 3. A scholarly & detailed social-economic study of craft manufacture in mid-late 18th Prussia, with important material throughout on the textile crafts & its workers. Includes an extensive compilation of 115 reprinted 18th c documents, p453-711; glossary, p713-5; extensive bibl, p716-44; indexes, p745-96. Important study & documentation on subject & period. [CSROT 3601].

LATOUCHE, Robert. The Birth of Western Economy. Economic Aspects of the Dark Ages. 2nd Reprint Edition. London 1981. xviii 349 [1]p + 8pl. 15 x 22. Cloth; dj. 12 BW pl; 6 Maps. (IG041) € 20,00 / $ 30.00
Translation; original French: Paris 1956. 1st English edition: 1961. A social-economic history, mostly centered on agriculture, with a section on trade & markets, 9th - 13th c, p235-67. Extensive bibl, p317-35.

LEHNERT, Georg; et al. Illustrierte Geschichte des Kunstgewerbes. 2 Volumes. Berlin 1909. Vol 1: viii 656p + 77pl; v2: viii 896p + 123pl. 19 x 26. Vellum; Top Edge Gilt. v1: 532 BW + Line ill; 40 BW, 37 Color pl (All with printed tissue guards); v2: 598 BW + Line ill; 86 BW, 37 Color pl (All with printed tissue guards). (Cover Slightly Worn) (IG042) € 295,00 / $ 450.00
An encyclopedic history & pictorial survey covering the crafts in all media, mostly from Europe & Asia, organized by period: antiquity, middle ages, renaissance, Baroque & Rococo, France 18th c - Empire period, the 19th c, Islam & the east Asian countries; ca 1,500 works shown. Each period is written by a specialist, & is sub-divided by craft medium, with important sections on woven textiles, tapestries, embroidery, lace, etc, written by Moriz DREGER & Otto von FALKE, among others. The long section on Islamic art, which includes textiles & rugs, is written by E.W. BRAUN, v2, p625-717 (CRESWELL 481). Includes extensive bibl, v2, p795-817; subject index, p823-96. One of the major historical surveys of the decorative arts & crafts. [CSROT 1709].

LEROI-GOURHAN, André. Documents pour l'Art Comparé de l'Eurasie Septentrionale. Paris 1943. 97 [5]p. 22.5 x 29. Paper. 366 Line ill. (Uncut). (IG043) € 65,00 / $ 95.00
A compilation of 5 studies on the historical typology of ornamental motifs, mostly based on European & oriental textile design, including 2 texts specifically on Finnish embroidery motifs. [CSROT 248].

LESPINASSE, René de, ed. Les Métiers et Corporations de la Ville de Paris. II. XIVe-XVIIIe Siècle. Orfèvrerie, Sculpture, Ouvriers en Métaux, Bâtiment et Ameublement. Paris 1892 viii 773 [3]p + 1pl. 25 x 35. Cloth. 1 Engraved pl. (IG044) € 225,00 / $ 350.00
"Histoire Générale de Paris. Collection de Documents. Publiée sous les Auspices de l'Edilité Parisienne". The 2nd volume of a 3-volume encyclopedic compilation reprinting several hundred documents on all aspects of the history, rules & regulations of the 119 Paris craft guilds, ca 13th - 18th c, including more than 30 textile & related guilds. This 2nd volume treats 44 guilds including the passementiers, brodeurs-chasubliers, merciers, ouvriers en draps d'or et d'argent, tapissiers, etc. Major documentation. [CSROT 686].

LESPINASSE, René de, ed. Les Métiers et Corporations de la Ville de Paris. III. XIVe-XVIIIe Siècle. Tissus, Étoffes, Vêtements, Cuirs et Peaux, Métiers Divers. Paris 1897. xxiii [1] 736p. 25 x 35. Boards. (Cover slightly worn). (IG045) € 225,00 / $ 350.00
"Histoire Générale de Paris. Collection de Documents. Publiée sous les Auspices de l'Edilité Parisienne". The 3rd volume of a 3-volume encyclopedic compilation reprinting several hundred documents on all aspects of the history, rules & regulations of the 119 Paris craft guilds, ca 13th - 18th c, including more than 30 textile & related guilds. This 3rd volume treats 19 textile crafts including the ouvriers en soie, liniers-chanvriers, foulon des draps, teinturiers, plus 32 clothing, leather & other crafts. This volume also contains the index for the 3 volumes, p721-36. Major documentation. [CSROT 686].

LILLEY, Samuel. Technological Progess and the Industrial Revolution 1700 - 1914; Chapter 3 of: The Fontana Economic History of Europe. Vol 3. London 1970. 71 [1]p. 13.5 x 21. Paper. 4 Maps; 2 Graphs. (IG046) € 20,00 / $ 30.00
A general historical survey with much attention to the early development of textile machinery in 18th c England. Includes a bibl essay, p68-71. [CSROT 3632].

LIMOUZIN-LAMOTHE, R., ed. Bibliographie Critique de l'Histoire Municipale de Toulouse des Origines à 1789. Toulouse: Edouard Privat, Éditeur; Paris: Henri Didier, Éditeur, 1932. [8] 119 [1]p. 16.5 x 25. Paper. (IG2456) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
A bibliography containing 440 entries, most with brief annotations, including sections on archival sources, general histories, institutional histories, archeology, & by period (middle ages - 18th century), with numerous entries on commerce & trade. Name index, p[113]-16. [CSROT 1649].

LIPSON, Ephraim. An Introduction to the Economic History of England. I. The Middle Ages. 3rd Edition. London 1923. viii 552p. 14 x 23. Cloth. (Cover Waterstained). (IG047) € 17,50 / $ 25.00
1st edition: 1915. The 1st volume of 3-volume economic history of England, but complete on the medieval period through the 16th c, with important chapters on trade fairs, merchants, craft guilds, the woollen industry & foreign trade, p163-500. [CSROT 1653].

LUETKINS, Charlotte. Die Börse; an issue of: Ciba-Rundschau (Basel), 34, Feb 1939. Pp[1241]-79. 16.5 x 24. Paper. 35 BW ill. (IG049) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
A history of the stock exchange & its forerunners in Europe, especially in relation to the wool & cotton trade, including the medieval trade fairs, & the formation of the major stock markets in Italy, Flanders, Holland & England. Bibliography. [CSROT 3511].

LUETKINS, Charlotte. The Exchange; an issue of: Ciba Review (Basel), 19, Mar 1939. Pp[657]-94. 16.5 x 17. Paper. 39 BW ill. (IG050) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
A history of the stock exchange, & its forerunners, in Europe, especially in relation to the wool & cotton trade, including the medieval trade fairs, & the formation of the major stock markets in Italy, Flanders, Holland & England. Bibliography, p687. [CSROT 3511].

MACRI, Christo M. L'organisation de l'Economie Urbaine dans Byzance sous la Dynastie de Macédoine (867 – 1057). Paris 1925. 159 [1]p. 16.5 x 25. Paper. (Mostly uncut) (IG2316) € 110,00 / $ 165.00
A scholarly social-economic history of the organization of the crafts, manufacturing, guilds, & the state, public, royal & private sectors in Constantinople under Byzantine rule, including sections on the state workshops; the "Book of the Prefet"; guild rules; entrepreneurs; the creation of wealth & capital; & work & remuneration. Contains frequent references throughout to the production & control of silk textiles, especially in connection with the royal state workshops. Bibliography, p155-9. [CSROT 1868].

MARPERGER, Paul Jakob. Moscowitischer Kauffmann. Das ist: Ausführliche Beschreibung der Commercien, welche in Moscau und andern Seiner Czaarischen Majestät Bothmässigkeit ....getrieben werden. ... Zum Beschluß aber ein klein Vocabularium oder Rußisches Wörter-Buch mit angehängt wird. Lübeck: Böckmann, 1705. Facsimile Reprint. Leipzig 1976. [8] 158 [10]p. 10.5 x 16.5. Cloth. (IG1917) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
Facsimile Reprint Edition. An early 18th-century practical handbook-guide for (Ger an) merchants doing business in Moscow & Russia, organized in 11 sections, including geographic & historical background; commercial & trade facilities; natural & manufactured products; trade practices; juridical practices & laws; types of currencies; bookkeeping; & a dictionary of words & phrases (p142-52). Concludes with a long subject index, p[159-68]. KRESS S2314.

PANCIROLLI, Guido (1523 - 1599). Rerum Memorabilium sive Deperditarum. PARS PRIOR. Commentarijs illustrata, et locis prope innumeris postremum aucta, Ab HENRICO SALMUTH. Ambergensium Sijndico Emerito. FRANCOFURTI Sumptibus Godefridi Schonwetteri. 1646. [8] 349 [23]; 313 [17]p. 17.5 x 21.5. Full Leather (Decorated gilt spine). Engraved title page. (Cover corners worn; browning). (IG054) € 950,00 / $ 1,450.00
1st edition: 1599 (Kress S316). Also other Latin eds in 1612, 1631 & 1660, & 1715 in English. An encyclopedic account, in 2 books, of the inventions & discoveries since antiquity. Book 1 is on the secrets of the ancients which have since been lost, treats 65 subjects, many of which concern textiles, including "De Purpura", p6-10 (the very first chapter in the book); "De Lino Vivo Aut Asbestino", p16-17; "De Bysso", p17-21; "De Habitus & Vestim. Veterum", p150-9; & "De Habitus Imperatorum", p194-211. Book 2 is on the new --ie post-medieval-- inventions & discoveries, treats 25 subjects, including "De Textis Sericis", on silk, p305-7, with sections on ceramics, alchemy, clockmaking, printing, gunpowder & an important section on the discovery of America. FERGUSON, v1, part 2, p33-4; supp 1. [CSROT 4369].

PANCIROLLI, Guido (1523 - 1599). Rerum Memorabilium sive Deperditarum. PARS PRIOR. Commentarijs illustrata, et locis prope innumeris postremum aucta, Ab HENRICO SALMUTH. Ambergensium Sijndico Emerito. Sumptibus Haeredum Joannis Godefridi Schönwetteri Bibliopol. Francofurtens. M.D.C.LX [1660]. [8] 349 [23]; 313 [19 (2 blank)]p. 17.5 x 21. Engraved title page. Full Morocco with gold-stamped full decorative binding showing birds, faces & lace motifs; all edges gilt. (Exlibris Dukes of Arenberg, with Nordkirchen Castle bookplate; browning; worm holes in the lower margins of the first 1 leaves; traces of the gold-stamping remain on the covers but the stamped impression itself is still quite fresh). (IG055) € 950,00 / $ 1,450.00
1st edition: 1599. Kress S316. An encyclopedic account, in 2 books, of the inventions & discoveries from antiquity through the early 17th c. Book 1 is on the secrets of the ancients which have since been lost, treats 65 subjects, many of which concern textiles, including "De Purpura", p6-10 (the very first chapter in the book); "De Lino Vivo Aut Asbestino", p16-17; "De Bysso", p17-21; "De Habitus & Vestim. Veterum", p150-9; & "De Habitus Imperatorum", p194-211. Book 2 is on the new --ie post-medieval-- inventions & discoveries, treats 25 subjects, including "De Textis Sericis", on silk, p305-7, with sections on ceramics, alchemy, clockmaking, printing, gunpowder, & an important section on the discovery of America. FERGUSON, v1, part 2, p33-4, 58. Kress S1204. [CSROT 4369].

PERNOUD, Regine. Les Villes Marchandes aux XIVe et XVe Siècles. Impérialisme et Capitalisme au Moyen Âge. Paris: 1948. 314p + 7pl. 13 x 20.5. Paper. 7 Maps. (IG2253) € 40,00 / $ 60.00
"Les grandes forces historiques" 1. A scholarly social-economic historical survey of the major commercial cities at the end of the middle ages, especially in the Mediterranean region. Includes preface by René GROUSSET, p[9]-23, & the following sections: The commercial cities in XIVe & XVe centuries (Italy, Provence, Languedoc & Catalogne), The coastal cities (the commerce of Genoa, Venice & Florence & their decline); Flanders (The cities in the 13th century, the urban trades & crafts); Germany (The Hanse, Bruges, Novgorod & Bergen). Concludes with an extensive bibliography, p281-93; chronology, p294-9; & name index, p[300]-12. Important history. [CSROT 1177].

PIRENNE, Henri. Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe. London 1936. xii 243 [1]p. 12 x 19. Cloth. (IG056) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
Translation; original French: Paris 1933 [CSROT 1105]. A brief authoritative economic history of Europe, with much material concerning the wool trade. Bibl, p225-7.

POSTAN, Michael M.; E.E. RICH, eds. Trade and Industry in the Middle Ages. Cambridge 1952. xv [1] 604p + 5pl. 16.5 x 24. Cl. 4 BW pl (= 12 ill); 11 Maps (1 foldout). (IG1791) € 60,00 / $ 90.00
1st edition. "The Cambridge Economic History of Europe" 2. An anthology of 8 scholarly texts on all aspects of early trade & industry in Europe, antiquity - middle ages, including texts by G.V. CHILDE, F.W. WALBANK; S. RUNCIMAN; R.S. LOPEZ; J.U. NEF; G.P. JONES; & E.M. CARUS-WILSON on "The woollen industry", p355-429, with 10 ill drawn from early miniatures depicting aspects of the wool trade. Includes a very important bibl organized by country & subject, p[519]-69 (with a section on wool, p557-61); & index, p[571]-604. Major survey. [CSROT 3124a].

PRESSNELL, L.S., ed. Studies in the Industrial Revolution. Presented to T.S. Ashton. London 1960. [12] 350p + 3 pl. 15 x 25.5. Cloth. 3 BW pl; Tables & Maps. (Blank endpaper pasted down). (IG057) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
Anthology of 12 scholarly texts on social-economic aspects of 18th - 19th c industrialization in England, including 2 on textiles: J. de Lacy MANN on weaving in 18th c Wiltshire, p66-96; & H. HEATON on a Yorkshire textile inventor in mid-19th c France, p281-312. [CSROT 3779].

SAVARY DES BRUSLONS, Jacques (1657 - 1716); Philemon-Louis SAVARY (1654 - 1727). DICTIONNAIRE UNIVERSEL DE COMMERCE: CONTENANT TOUT CE QUI CONCERNE LE COMMERCE QUE SE FAIT DANS LES QUATRE PARTIES DU MONDE ... L'EXPLICATION DE TOUS LES TERMES ... LES POIDS ET MESURES .... LES PRODUCTIONS ... LES ETOFFES, OUVRAGES ET MANUFACTURES D'OR ET D'ARGENT, DE SOYE, Laine, Fil, Coton & leur nom, leurs qualité, leur aunage, avec la description .... DES SIX CORPS DES MARCHANDS ET DES CENT VINGT-QUATRE COMMUNAUTEZ des Arts et Métiers de la Ville de Paris; ... LES FOIRES ... EDITS, DECLARATIONS, ORDONNANCES, ARRESTS ET REGLEMENS donnez en matiere de Commerce .... NOUVELLE EDITION .... [3 Vols]. A PARIS, Chez la Veuve ESTIENNE ET FILS .... M.DCC.XLVIII [1748]. 3 vols (I. A-B; II. C-K; III. L-Z). Vol 1: [10] xxvij [1] 544 [298]p; v2: [6 886p]; v3: [6 658 342p]. 26 x 40. All 3 vols in original full marbled calf with gold-tooled spines, red edges & marbled endpapers; red & black title page. Numerous engraved chapter heads & vignettes throughout. (Slight worming on inside margins on a few pages in v3, some foxing, but a very fine copy both inside & out). (IG059) € 2.500,00 / $ 3,750.00
This ew ed follows that of 1741 integrating the 1st 2-volume ed (1723) & its supplement (1730) [CSROT 781]. - A monumental work, the very first of its type to appear in Europe, compiling basic facts & figures on a wide range of raw materials, products, craft techniques, guild rules, commercial practices & facts & figures on world trade, especially from the mid-late 17th to early 18th century, with many reprinted documents throughout. Exceptional attention is given to the art & business of the textile & related crafts as they were basic elements in French & world economic, commercial & social life; approximately 20% of the text. - Savary des Bruslons was the "Inspecteur Général des Manufactures" under Louis XIV.

Handelsgeschichte der romanischen Völker des Mittelmeergebiets bis zum Ende der Kreuzzüge. Munich & Berlin 1906. xix [3] 816p. 17 x 25. Paper. (Lower spine edge soiled; Interior very good) (IG1599) € 195,00 / $ 295.00
"Handbuch der mittelalterlichen und neueren Geschichte. Abteilung III. Verfassung, Recht, Wirtschaft". A comprehensive & authoritative social-economic history of medieval European trade & industry, ca 10th - 13th c, especially the Italian states, southern France-Provence, & Catalonia-Spain, with important sections on the trade with Islam, Byzantium, northern Europe & the Adriatic region, with an exceptional amount of material throughout on the all facets of the commerce in silk, linen, wool & dyes. Extensive footnotes throughout, with many references to medieval sources. Includes bibl, p[785]-95; index, p[797]-811; weights & measures, p[814]-6. A major history, perhaps the most important medieval textile-related trade history, but virtually unknown to the textile literature. [CSROT 1639].

SELLA, Domenico. European Industries 1500 - 1700; Chapter 5 of: The Fontana Economic History of Europe. Vol 2. London 1970. 77 [3]p. 13.5 x 21. Paper. (IG060) € 20,00 / $ 30.00
A general economic history with many references to textile production. Bibl, p73-7. [CSROT 3452].

SIEGELAUB, Seth; CENTER FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH ON OLD TEXTILES [CSROT], eds. Bibliographica Textilia Historiae. Towards A General Bibliography on the History of Textiles Based on the Library and Archives of the CSROT. NY 1997. 415 [1]p. 21.5 x 30.5. Cloth; dj. 35 Line ill. (IG061) € 120,00 / $ 150.00
A comprehensive bibliography containing over 5,000 entries, published in all languages, late 15th - 20th c, covering all periods, regions & aspects —artistic, technological & social-economic— of the world history of textiles & its study: woven & printed textiles, carpets, embroidery, lace, tapestry, dyeing, costume, weaving & fiber technology, conservation, etc. The entries are organized alphabetically, with many works, especially early & major works, given with detailed collations & annotations. Includes many pre-19th c works on dyeing, fibers & trade; & a detailed subject classification, p365-410. The first general bibliography to systematically outline & document all facets of the literature of the history of textiles. [CSROT 5100].

SOMBART, Werner. Kunstgewerbe und Kultur. Berlin 1908. [8] 131 [1]p. 12.5 x 18.5. Boards. (Rear cover slightly stained). (IG064) € 60,00 / $ 90.00
"Die Kultur" 26-27. A theoretical study on the role of the craftsperson in society, past, present & future. [CSROT 1632].

STAATLICHEN KUNSTBIBLIOTHEK BERLIN. Katalog der Ornamentstichsammlung der Staatlichen Kunstbibliothek Berlin. 2 Vols in 1 Vol. Facsimile Reprint Edition. Mansfield [1995]. Vol 1: xv [1] 398; v2: [4] xiii-xv [3] 399-782 [4]p. 14.5 x 22. Cloth. 77 Line ill + pl. (IG065) € 150,00 / $ 225.00
150 edition. Facsimile reprint; original: Berlin 1936-1939. A comprehensive bibl containing 5435 entries on European illustrated books & engravings concerning all aspects of the decorative, ornamental & applied arts, interior design, architecture, painting, sculpture, calligraphy & printing, 16th c - ca 1840. The entries are organized by subject, then country & date of publication, with each entry given with author, title, publisher & date, with detailed collations, descriptions & occasionally, editions. Includes sections on lace & embroidery with 188 works (3 shown); weaving with 9 works; & tapestry with 14 works. Detailed indexes. Major documentation of major library, mostly destroyed during World War II. GARB 10. GLAH P63. [CSROT 4900].

STURMER, Michael, ed. Herbst des Alten Handwerks. Meister, Gesellen und Obrigkeit im 18. Jahrhundert. Reprint Edition. Munich; Zurich 1986. 360p. 12 x 19. Paper. 12 BW + Line ill. (IG067) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
"Serie Piper". 1st edition: Herbst des Alten Handwerks. Munich 1979. A study of the decline of the luxury craft professions in late 18th c Europe, especially in Germany & France, with an important compilation of 48 documents, 1673 - 1795, p36-330. Includes bibliography, p335-42; notes on the texts & ill, p343-8; indexes, p349-60. [CSROT 4279].

VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Eugène E. Dictionnaire Raisonné du Mobilier Français de l'Époque Carlovingienne à la Renaissance. 6 Vols. Paris 1873-1878. Vol 1: [4] 443 [3]p + 28pl; v2: [4] v [1] [7]-535 [1]p + 28pl; v3: [4] 478 [2]p +19pl; v4: [4] 506 [2]p + 17pl; v5: [4] 498 [2]p + 15pl; v6: [4] 490 [2]p + 10pl. 15.5 x 24. Boards; Gilded leather; handmade marbled boards & endpapers; top edge gilt. A total of ca 2154 Engraved ill; 73 Engraved, 44 Color pl (All tipped-in). (Occasional foxing & humidity stains; Luxury binding). (IG068) € 895,00 / $ 1,350.00
An encyclopedic survey of the decorative & applied arts in all spheres of civil, religious & military life in France, with sections on furniture, domestic objects, music, games, tools, textiles, costume & related clothing accessories, military clothing & arms, middle ages - ca 17th c; over 2000 works shown, including many medieval textiles in color, especially in v3. Vol 3 & v4 is devoted to textiles & costume; & v6 contains a general index. One of the major 19th c reference works on the applied arts. COLAS 3024 (with detailed collation). LIPP Fa36 (with detailed contents). CRESWELL 882. GARB 1619. GLAH P45. [CSROT 1832].

VOLLMER, John E.; E.J. KEALL; E. NAGAI-BERTHRONG, eds. Silk Roads - China Ships. An Exhibition of East-West Trade. Toronto 1983. xvi 240p. 24 x 26. Paper. 380 BW, 142 Color ill + pl; Maps. (IG069) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
Exhibition catalogue & wide-ranging history of the east-west trade from antiquity - 19th c, especially its products & mutual influences, with sections on the silk trade, Tang China, Buddhism, Byzantium & Islam in the middle ages, & the European discoveries, navigation, shipping & the rise of the trading companies through the 19th c. Several hundred works of art in all media, from all regions & per ods, shown & described, including many woven, printed & embroidered textiles, rugs, etc. Includes a chronology, p xiv-xvi. Difficult to follow, but many interesting observations, documents & maps throughout. [CSROT 983].

WHITE Jr., Lynn. The Expansion of Technology 500 - 1500; Chapter 4 of: The Fontana Economic History of Europe. I. 900 - 1500. The Middle Ages. London 1969. 42 [6]p. 14 x 21. Paper. (IG071) € 20,00 / $ 30s.00
A detailed historical survey of the major technological developments in medieval European industry. Includes bibl, p40-2.

WHITE Jr., Lynn. Medieval Technology and Social Change. 16th ptg. London [1980s?]. vii [3] 194p + 10pl. 14 x 21. Paper. 10 BW + Line pl. (IG072) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
1st edition: Oxford 1962. A brief authoritative history of the relation between social life & technological change in the middle ages, mostly in Europe, with scattered references to weaving technology. Includes extensive footnotes, bibl & index, p[135]-94. [CSROT 1750].

D2. Rare Books on Other Decorative Arts (Including Ancient, Christian-Byzantine, Asian, The Americas, Spain, Furniture, Ceramics, Ivory, Libraries, Lady Montagu, Etc.)


ANTON, Ferdinand; Frederick J. DOCKSTADER. Pre-Columbian Art and Later Indian Tribal Arts. NY 1968. 264p. 19.5 x 23. Cloth; dj. 129 BW, 148 Color pl + ill; 5 Maps; 4 Chronological Tables. (Ex-library). (IG1187) € 50,00 / $ 75.00
"Panorama of World Art". Translation; original German. A general pictorial survey of the pre-15th c civilizations in Central & South America, & the Indian arts in the USA & Canada, 1000 BC - 19th c; 275 buildings & art works shown with texts & captions written by 2 important scholars. Mostly early architecture, ornamentation & ceramics from Mexico & Peru, including 10 textiles; & later native USA Indian woodwork, baskets, costume & ceramics. Bibl, p258-61; index, p262-4.

BAYET, Ch. l'Art Byzantin. New Edition. Paris 1892. 320p. 14 x 21. Boards; leather backed. 105 Engraved ill. (IG1188) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
"Bibliothèque de l'Enseignement des Beaux-Arts". A general history of Byzantine art, mostly centered on architecture, with some references to the luxury crafts & textiles; 105 buildings & art works shown. [CSROT 25].

BECKWITH, John; VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM. Romanesque Art. London 1950. [4p] + 28pl. 12 x 18. Paper. 28 BW pl. (IG2053) € 17,50 / $ 25.00
A pictorial collection survey; 28 European works, mostly in ivory & metal, 11th – 12th c, all shown with captions, including 4 early medieval Islamic textiles, & 1 Christian embroidery, with brief historical note on the art of the period. [CSROT 1018 (2nd ed, 1952)].

BOURGUET, Pierre du. Art Paléochrétien. Amsterdam 1970. 215 [1]p. 26 x 33. Cloth; dj. 97 BW + Line ill + pl; 60 Color ill + pl (Tipped-on); 2 Maps. (IG1189) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
"Formes et Couleurs" 3. A scholarly history & pictorial survey of the origin & development of the iconography, architecture & decoration of post-Roman early Christian art, ca 200 - 400 AD; ca 150 works shown with captions, mostly painting, sculpture & mosaics, with some craft objects. Includes footnotes & bibl, p208-12. Important survey & a beautiful publication.

CHOLLOT-LEGOUX, Marthe. Regards sur .... Arts et Techniques de la Préhistoire. Paris 1962. 116p. 19 x 24. Paper. 185 BW ill. (IG1192) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
A study of Paleolithic & Mesolithic tookmaking, with a catalogue of 185 objects from the collection of the Musée des Antiquités Nationales (St.-Germain-en-Laye) all described & shown, with introduction by André VARAGNAC.

DIEZ, Ernst. Einfuhrung in die Kunst des Ostens. 1.-3. Tausand. Vienna 1922. 160p + 73pl. 15 x 23. Boards. 69 BW, 4 Color pl. (Rear cover sunned). (IG1194) € 40,00 / $ 60.00
An introductory historical survey of Chinese & Japanese painting, sculpture & architecture.

EBERSOLT, Jean. l'Aiguière de Saint-Maurice en Valais; an offprint from: Syria (Paris), v9, 1928. Pp[1] 32-9 [1] + 2pl. 23 x 29. Paper. 1 Line ill; 2 BW pl. (IG1196) € 12,50 / $ 20.00
A scholarly study of a Byzantine enamelled vase. [CSROT 965].

GABORIT-CHOPIN, Danielle. Avori Medievali. Florence: Museo Nazionale del Bargello, 1988. 78 [2]p. 13.5 x 21. Paper. 61 BW ill + pl. (IG1929) € 20,00 / $ 30.00
Collection catalogue; 19 medieval ivories with figurative & church imagery from Byzantium, the near east & Europe (France, Italy, Germany, England & Norway), ca 5th – 14th c; all described at length & shown with many details, incl caskets, a pyxis, numerous decorative panels, & religious objects. Bibliography, p77. Available at ca $5)

GRABAR, André. l'Art Byzantin. Paris 1938. [2] 17 [1]p + 70pl. 20 x 27. Paper. 70 BW pl (= 86 ill). (IG1203) € 40,00 / $ 60.00
A pictorial survey of Byzantine architecture & crafts; 86 buildings, views & works shown with captions, including 2 textiles.

GRABAR, André. Décoration Byzantin. Paris 1928. 43 [1]p + 32pl. 17 x 22. Paper. 32 BW pl. (IG1204) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
"Architecture et Arts Décoratifs". A general history & pictorial survey of Byzantine ornamentation, mostly architecture decoration & mosaics; 32 works shown.

HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA. Handbook. Museum and Library Collections. NY 1938. [12] 442 [2]p. 17 x 23. Cloth. 619 BW + Line ill + pl. (IG1208) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
"Hispanic Notes & Monographs. Catalogue Series". A pictorial collection survey of Spanish artworks in all media, including the medieval Islamic period; over 610 works shown with captions. Includes important chapters on ceramics by A.W. FROTHINGHAM, p103-50 with 91 ill; & on textiles, lace & embroideries by Florence L. MAY, p273-314 with 79 ill; as well as on manuscripts & books; etc. Index, p411-[43]. Major survey of major collection. [CSROT 1243].

HOLME, Charles, ed. l'Art Rustique en Suède, Laponie et Islande. London; Paris 1910. viii 48p + 146pl. 21.5 x 29. Boards. 128 BW, 18 Color pl. (Cover slightly worn). (IG1209) € 40,00 / $ 60.00
"Numéro d'automne du 'Studio' 1910". A pictorial survey of folk crafts in all media throughout Scandinavia; ca 640 works & motifs shown with captions, including 130 Swedish woven textiles, laces, rugs, embroideries & garments, with introduction by Sven GRANLUND on Sweden, & by Jarno JENSEN on Lapland & Iceland. [CSROT 19].

HURST, J.G., ed. Red-Painted and Glazed Pottery in Western Europe from the Eighth to the Twelfth Century; an extract from: Medieval Archaeology (London), v13, 1969, p93-147 + 3pl. 18.5 x 25. Paper. 8 Line, 6 BW ill; 3 Maps. (IG1210) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
Anthology of 9 scholarly texts on the origin, techniques & manufacture of this type of ceramic in Europe, organized by country with sections on Byzantium, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy & the east Mediterranean region, with texts by F. TISCHLER, F. VERHAEGHE, U. LOBBEDEY, H.H. VAN REGTEREN ALTENA, J. ZOZAYA, D.B. WHITEHOUSE, & R.B.K. STEVENSON, et al.

[JEWELRY & FANS]. Catàleg de la Collecció Maria Regordosa de Torres Reina. Barcelona 1935. 48p + 10pl. 14 x 21. Paper. 11 BW pl. (IG1212) € 20,00 / $ 30.00
"Junta de Museus". Collection & exhibition catalogue; 326 pieces of jewelry & fans, including a few tapestries & garments, mostly European, 16th - 20th c; all listed, 15 works shown.

KUMMEL, Otto. l'Art de l'Extrême-Orient. Paris [ca 1922]. 51 [2]p + 168pl. 19 x 25. Boards. 3 BW ill; 166 BW pl. (IG1214) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
"l'Art de l"Orient". A history & pictorial survey of Japanese sculpture & painting, 7th - 17th c; ca 170 works shown with captions.

LATOUR, Anny; Gustav SCHAEFER. Paper; an issue of: Ciba Review (Basel), 72, Feb 1949. Pp[2629]-68. 16.5 x 24. Paper. 44 BW + Line ill. (IG1215) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
A historical survey of papermaking in Europe & China. Bibl, p2660. [CSROT 2117].

LETHABY, W.R. Londinium. Architecture and the Crafts. London 1923. 248p. 15 x 22. Cloth. 175 Line ill + pl. (IG1217) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
A survey of ancient Roman architecture & ornamentation in London, with a chapter on the crafts, p193-213.

[LIBRARIES]. CAHIER, Ch[arles]; Jules TAILHAN. Nouveaux Mélanges d'Archéologie, d'Histoire et de Littérature sur le Moyen Age .... Vol 4. Bibliothèques. Paris 1877. xi 351p + 6pl. 27 x 36. Boards; leather backed, marbled edges. 170 Engraved ill + ornamental letters; 4 Monocolor, 2 Color pls (With tissue guards). (Covers worn; some foxing). (IG1218) € 95,00 / $ 145.00
The 4th and final volume in this second series of "Mélanges&qu t;, with 2 scholarly texts on medieval libraries in Europe, including C. CAHIER "Bibliothèques au Moyen Age", p1-216 with 156 ills + 6pls; & J. TAILHAN "Appendix sur les Bibliothèques Espagnoles du Haut Moyen Âge", p217-346 with 14 ill.

LUTTERVELT, R. van, ed. Bourgondische Pracht van Philips de Stoute tot Philips de Schone. Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, 1951. xx 99 [1]p + 64pl. 14.5 x 21.5. Paper. 64 BW pl; 1 Map. (IG2056) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
Exhibition catalogue. 301 works of art made under the rule & patronage of the Dukes of Burgundy (1363 - 1505), including paintings, drawings, miniatures, sculpture & the decorative arts, mostly 15th c; all described at length; 66 works shown. Includes 23 tapestries (8 shown), & 17 embroideries, coats of arms & banners (4 shown). [CSROT 4949].

MADDALENA, Aldo de. Rural Europe 1500 - 1750; chapter 4 of: The Fontana Economic History of Europe. II: 1500 - 1700. London 1970. [4] [5]-[112]p. 13.5 x 21. Paper. 5 Tables. (IG1219) € 10,00 / $ 15.00
Includes a bibl, p[80-4].

MAILLART, Diogéne. l'Art Byzantin. Son Origine, Son Charactère et Son Influence sur la Formation de l'Art Moderne. Paris 1922. 247 [3]p. 12 x 19. Paper. 62 Line ill. (IG1220) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
A curious study on Byzantine art, with a long section on the "minor arts", p91-234, including textiles, p191-202. [CSROT 696].

MAYER, August L., ed. Architektur und Kunstgewerbe in Alt-Spanien. Mit 361 Abbildungen. 2nd Revised & Enlarged Edition. Munich 1922. xxiv p + 200pl. 22.5 x 30. Cloth. 9 BW ill; 200 BW pl (= 361 ill). (IG1221) € 50,00 / $ 75.00
"Architektur und Kunstgewerbe des Auslandes" 3. Cover Title. 1st edition: 1921? A pictorial survey of Spanish art & architecture, including many medieval Spanish Islamic buildings & crafts; 361 works shown with captions, including ivory caskets, leatherwork, lace, 4 rugs, 14 textiles & 55 ceramics. Bibl, p[xxi]. [CSROT 706].

MONTAGU, Mary Wortley, Lady. Lettres de Milady Wortlay Montagute, Ecrites pendant ses Voyages en diverses parties du Monde. Traduites de l'Anglois. Nouvelle Edition. A Londres 1783. x 444p. 10 x 17. Full leather. (IG1223) € 175,00 / $ 250.00
1st English edition: London 1763? A compilation of 53 letters, organized in 3 sections, written by Lady Montagu betweeen 1716 - 1718, many concerning social & cultural life in 18th c Turkey.

PELKA, Otto. Ein syro-palästinensisches Räuchergefäss; a disbound extract from: Mitteilungen aus dem Germanischen Nationalmuseum. Jahrgang 1906. Nuremberg 1906. Pp[85]-92 + 2pl. 17 x 26. Paper. 2 BW pl (= 4 ill). (IG2061) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
A scholarly analysis of a early Christian incense burner recepticle made in Syria with images of Christ, with references to 13 other related works in European museums; 4 views shown. Footnotes.

PETRIE, Flinders. Les Arts et Métiers de l'Ancienne Egypte. 2nd Edition. Brussels 1915. [2] 175 [13]p + 38pl. 15 x 20. Paper. 38 BW pl (= 140 ill). (IG1225) € 40,00 / $ 60.00
Translation; original English: Edinburgh 1909 [CSROT 310]. A general survey of the arts in pharaonic-period Egypt; 140 works shown, with a brief chapter on clothing, p170-4.

[POLLAIOLO, Antonio del]. La Croce del Pollaiolo. Florence 1982. 27 [5]p. 14 x 21. Paper. 23 BW ill + pl. (IG1520) € 10,00 / $ 15.00
"Lo specchio del Bargello" 7. A detailled description of a gilded & enamelled reliquary cross designed by Pollaiolo, 1476 - 1483, now in the Bargello collection, with 23 close p views & related works shown.

PUECH, André. l'Artisanat. Son Evolution, Son Organisation Actuelle en France. Lyons 1929. 219p. 16 x 25. Paper. (Uncut). (IG1226) € 35,00 / $ 50.00
Dissertation; University of Montpellier. A study of the position & working conditions of the craftsperson in early 20th c France, with an introductory history through 19th c, p[23]-51. [CSROT 1593].

RAMSEY, L.G.G.; THE CONNOISSEUR, eds. The Concise Encyclopaedia of Antiques. Volume Three. London 1957. 287 [1]p + 172pl. 19.5 x 25.5. Cloth; dj 172 BW pl. (IG2063) € 75,00 / $ 110.00
A practical encyclopedia for antique collectors with each section written by a specialist as follows: Victorian furniture (P. Floud); Small furniture of all periods; Viennese furniture in the 18th century; Garden statuary; Continental silver; American glass; Carved wood figures; Chinese mortuary figures; Greek & Roman statuary; English colour-plate books 1775-1850; Bird prints; American prints; Picture fakes; English chiminey-piece; English wall mirrors; Glass candelabras; Chest furniture; Nottingham alabaster carving; Chess-men; Model soldiers; Charters & seals; English bookbindings; maps & globes; Fire-backs; Wallpaper; & Puppets; all described with many illustrations; several hundred works shown. Includes list of museums, p261-77; index, p281-7.

SCHMASSMAN, H. Wasser und Abwasser; an issue of: Ciba-Rundschau (Basel), 91, June 1950. Pp[3351]-77. 16.5 x 24. Paper. 21 BW + Line ill. (IG1227) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
An historical survey of the use of water & the treatment of waste water. Bibl, p3377.

SCHMASSMANN, H. Water; an issue of: Ciba Review (Basel), 82, Oct 1950. Pp2969-94. 17 x 24. Paper. 24 BW & Line ill. (IG1328) € 25,00 / $ 37.50
An historical survey of the use of water & the treatment of waste water. Bibl, p2994.

Speculum. A Journal of Mediaeval Studies (Cambridge, MA), v20, 4, Oct 1945. Pp[4] 391-512 [14]. 17.5 x 25. Paper. (IG1230) € 10,00 / $ 15,00
Includes 10 scholarly texts, mostly on medieval literature & theology.

SPELEERS, Louis. Le Mobilier de l'Asie Antérieure Ancienne. Wettern 1921. 35 [1]p + 11pl. 18 x 25. Paper. 9 Line, 2 BW pl (= 601 ill). (IG1231) € 40,00 / $ 60s.00
An offprint from: Annales de la Société Royale d'Archéologie de Bruxelles (Brussels), v30, 1921. A survey of Asian furniture in antiquity; 601 very very small works shown.

SULLIVAN, Michael. The Arts of China. Revised Edition. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979. 288p. 18 x 25.5. Paper. 275 BW + Line, 28 C ill; 12 Maps. (Some handwritten notes; somewhat worn) (IG1897) € 15,00 / $ 22.50
A scholarly general study of all periods of Chinese art & architecture, Stone Age – mid-20th c, organized by dynastic period, with descriptions of works produced in bronze, stone, painting, calligraphy, ceramics, jade, glass, lacquer, ivory, wood & textiles, etc. Includes bibliography, p271-3; index, p283-8

TATLOCK, R.R, ed. Spanish Art. An Introductory Review. London 1927. 121 [5]p + 129pl. 24 x 31. Cloth. 120 BW, 9 Color pl; 1 Map. (Cover soiled). (IG1233) € 40,00 / $ 60.00
"Burlington Magazine Monograph" 2. A pictorial survey of all aspects of Spanish art & architecture, including the Islamic period, with 9 scholarly texts by A.F. KENDRICK on textiles, p59-70 with 18 plates (showing 37 works, mostly medieval Islamic), & A. VAN DE PUT & B. RACKHAM on ceramics & glass, p71-86 with 22 plates. Also texts on painting, sculpture, wookwork & metalwork. Extensive bibl, p115-21; index, p[123-6]. [CSROT 812].

VOLBACH, Wolfgang Fritz; MUSEO SACRO. Guide du Museo Sacro. Vatican City 1938. 42 [2]p + 15pl. 15 x 22. Paper. 15 BW pl. (IG1235) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
"Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. Museo Sacro. Guida III". A pictorial collection survey of early Christian art; 15 works shown, with important introduction. Includes a section on textiles, p32-8, with 2 shown. [CSROT 837].

VOLBACH, Wolfgang Fritz; MUSEO SACRO. Itinerario. Vatican City 1938. 41 [3]p + 15pl. 15 x 22. Paper. 15 BW pl. (IG1237) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
"Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. Museo Sacro. Guida III". A pictorial collection survey of early Christian art; 15 works shown, with important introduction. Includes a section on textiles, with 2 shown. [CSROT 837].

WILLIAMS, Bruce. Decorated Pottery and the Art of Naqada III. A Documentary Essay. Munich; Berlin 1988. xiii [1] 93 [1]p. 17 x 24. Paper. 36 Line ill & Charts. (IG1735) € 30,00 / $ 45.00
"Münchener Ägyptologische Studien" 45. A study of a series of pottery finds from early pre-Dynastic Egypt, especially the structural logic in the use of figures & symbols & their decorative arrangement; 36 works & schematic diagrams shown. Bibl, p[53]-65.

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